Brand Licensing

The Philips brand is one of the most highly recognized and trusted brands in the world. Brands cannot be built overnight, and our on-going investments and marketing efforts have ensured continued growth of our brand momentum year-on-year.

Becoming a Philips brand licensee provides the access to tap into our worldwide brand advantage. Brand licensees also benefit from Philips’ innovation experience and go-to-market knowhow. This includes consumer insight validation, cross-category research and distribution opportunities. Regular joint business reviews fast-track the sharing of learnings, and provides the opportunity to forge a forward view of the market to continually grow the business.
Operationally, Philips also works with brand licensees to approve products, consumer care and marketing efforts to ensure that they are in-line with the Philips standard, and ultimately deliver on Net Promoter Scores.


Be a champion of the Philips brand promise

Being a Philips brand licensee means a pledge to continually drive and deliver on our brand promise. To be considered, you will need to clearly demonstrate how your offering will enhance the value the Philips brand and the consumer experience. Conversely, let us know how the Philips brand will enhance the value of your offering. Beyond consumer product creation and quality, other competencies you should also bring to the table include consumer care, marketing and distribution.
Brand licensing arrangements typically requires a licensing initiation fee, minimum royalty commitment, approved business plan, agreed-upon business metrics, and customary insurance and indemnification provisions. Brand license management meetings will be conducted during joint business reviews, and on an ongoing basis.