Past Simplicity Events

In 2005, we developed The Simplicity Event, an annual series of events that celebrate our brand promise of “sense and simplicity”. The Simplicity Event  was launched in Paris in September 2005 and has traveled  to Amsterdam, New York, London, Hong Kong and Sao Paolo.


The Simplicity Event has been one of our most inspiring and engaging avenue  to demonstrate our commitment and leadership in delivering “sense and simplicity” to people.

Guest testimonials from our past Simplicity events:

“I go to a lot of events and see a lot of fascinating things and on Monday night I went to The Simplicity Event put on by Philips and it just blew me away”. Bruce Nussbaum (Business Week)

“..puts Philips in a very forward position. The event presented products in a non-traditional way - how they would appear in a home environment. Showing us how technology can work in the background in a very elegant way, so that people don't have to think about it.” Bill Prescott (Costco)


“The presentation with the products this morning was fantastic. Where some of the technology is going is amazing. I think what changed my perception of Philips was seeing all of the different products come together. We're so used to dealing with one aspect of Philips. It really brought everything together. Actually I think a lot of what we saw today has possibilities at retail.” Brian Rosenthal (Target)