Since 1994 we’ve put environmental improvements at the heart of our business with a series of action programs. Now, we have set even more ambitious targets with our fourth EcoVision program, launched in 2007.

Our latest EcoVision program focuses on reducing the energy consumption of our products and facilities. With EcoVision4 we have committed to the following by 2012:

• Generate 30% of total revenues from Green Products (up from 15% in 2006);
• Double our investment in Green Innovations to EUR 1 billion; and
• Further increase the energy efficiency of our operations by 25%.
Philips Green Products have a significant improved environmental advantage for customers, users and society in one or more of the Philips green focal areas: energy consumption, packaging, hazardous substances, weight, recycling and lifetime reliability.

“Big changes start small”

Gerard Kleisterlee, President and CEO of Philips said in a letter to employees: “We believe that big changes start small and that every one of us should contribute to saving our planet. What’s more, we are convinced that those companies that combine the principles of economic growth and environmental stewardship will be the winners of the future and offer long term rewards to you, our employees, and to our customers, partners and shareholders.”

These targets mean that our offices will be outfitted with energy efficient lighting systems and that further reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions will be realized in production and distribution. Furthermore, we are calling on employees to be environmentally aware every day in their working environment.


Our Green Products

We make it simple to make easy  green choices about the products you buy.
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Green Innovations

Our goal is to develop true breakthroughs that benefit society and create value for the company and our stakeholders.
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Operational Energy Efficiency

We aim to further increase the energy efficiency of our operations by 25%.
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EcoVision III

Our EcoVision III environmental action program began in 2006 and will run through 2009, next to our EcoVision 4 program, which runs from 2007 to 2012.