Healthcare solutions

At Philips we advance healthcare by making a difference to people. Partnering with the broader healthcare community, we seek to facilitate new solutions for change to drive better health outcomes. We believe healthcare is a fundamental right to which every human is entitled.

Healthcare is one of the most pressing global issues of our time. The healthcare market has grown faster than the GDP in the Western world for the past three decades, and at high rates in emerging markets such as China and India. This pattern is expected to continue given an aging global population, increasing life spans, and growing demand for more advanced healthcare in developing markets.

As healthcare costs continue to spiral out of control, there is a growing fear that costs will be too high, that there will not be enough healthcare workers to meet increasing demand, and that the diagnosis and treatment of patients will become more and more complex. Yet these challenges create a unique opportunity for an innovative company like Philips.

We focus on the specific medical needs of patient and their care providers throughout the care cycle, wherever that care occurs. We apply our technology to improve healthcare quality and reduce cost. With prevention, hospital stays are shortened. With better disease management, more people can be treated at home. Better monitoring creates new efficiencies in the system. And integrated data management puts more accurate information into all available hands. Put this all together, and we can help give people the best healthcare possible.