Amounts of Collected WEEE Waste for Recycling in Europe

Calculations of amounts related to Philips of WEEE recycled waste in from EU countries:

Recycling rate
The recycling rate for displays in 2007 was 65%, with 47% for 2006, and 26% in 2005. This is based on an average life-span of 10 years. These rates are a percentage of sales sold in 1997, 1996 and 1995, respectively.
Amounts of WEEE collected of all brands (source: weee-forum)
Key figures 2006 on amounts of WEEE collected from all brands show that:
• 27 WEEE Forum members have provided data on quantities of WEEE collected
• Among them, that is about 161 million inhabitants served and
• 820,000 tons of WEEE have been collected 
• Which means an average amount of WEEE collected of about 5.1 kg/inh.a

Chart 1 shows ranges (average, min, max) of amounts of WEEE collected.

For total amounts recycled from EU countries related to all brands please visit:
WEEE Forum