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A simple way to beautify your home

Philips LED light bulbs deliver exceptionally long life, significant energy savings, beautiful light and contain no mercury. Use LED lights to transform any space into a more cozy and comfortable one.

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Save now, save later

Make a difference in your world (and your wallet) by replacing inefficient light bulbs with energy saving Philips LED bulbs. You will save energy and enjoy beautiful, warm LED light that can last for decades. Save now by downloading the Philips Energy Star rebate.

Philips Energy Star Rebate

Philips bright lighting alternatives

All about legislation

New federal energy efficiency standards require the use of more efficient light bulbs. Watch the video or review the interactive Legislation Brochure to find out what this means for you.

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The 2nd Ultimate Light Source

The 2nd Ultimate Light Source

Introducing the biggest thing to happen to lighting since the Sun. Learn how you can bring the energy savings and beautiful light of Philips LEDs into every room of your home.

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Outdoor lighting tips

Use the magic of light to brighten your summer nights with Philips LED outdoor bulbs. And, with LED bulbs you can enjoy warm, beautiful light with exceptionally long life and energy savings.

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