• PPX 3610

    View all your favorite media in large screen format up to 120” by connecting the PicoPix pocket projector to your devices. Enjoy the convenience of cable free connection with WiFi and DLNA functionality and the integrated office viewer.

    • Excellent image Quality
    • Up to 100 lumens
    • Wireless connectivity
    • Ultra portable
    • Go online
    • Android operating system
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  • PPX 3410

    This small and light LED pocket projector can easily be connected to various gadgets, an SD card or a USB stick to access your digital content. The addition of an integrated mediaplayer and embedded office viewer makes this PicoPix independent of other mobile devices.

    • Excellent image Quality
    • Up to 100 lumens
    • High usability
    • Ultra portable
    • 4GB internal memory
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  • PPX 2340

    The PicoPix pocket projector with USB QuickLink is offering USB plug and socket for direct connection to a wide range of appliances to project your digital content up to 60” in size. Thanks to the integrated mediaplayer and internal battery it can be used anywhere and anytime you want.

    • Bright and colorful image
    • USB QuickLink
    • Ultra Portable
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  • PPX 2055

    This small and light Philips PicoPix projector can easily be connected to a Notebook, Netbook or Laptop via USB to display any content you want to share. Powered at the same time by the USB connection there is no need for additional batteries, chargers or power cables.

    • Excellent image quality
    • Large image projection
    • Quick and easy connection
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Philips PicoPix projectors offer picture and video sharing whenever and wherever you want! Small, handy and powerful these projectors are perfect pocket companions for sharing your life with others.

Choose the model that suits your requirements best. All of these projectors offer premium quality imaging using the advanced LED technology. Enhanced brightness and contrast give your pictures and videos a piercingly sharp and vivid projection.