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Philips 14W Compact Fluorescent bulb provides long life and reduced operating costs. It doesn't attract insects and is ideal for patios and decks. This 14W can replace a standard 60W incandescent and can save up to $40 in energy costs*.

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Product features

  • Lasts 7.3 years

    By using this bulb, you can reduce the hassle of frequently replacing your light bulbs. It will last up to 7.3 years based on an average use of 3 hours per day, 7 days per week.

  • Reduces energy costs

    This bulb saves up to $40.48 in energy costs when you replace a 60 Watt incandecent with this 14 Watt compact fluorescent light bulb**.

  • Provides a soft, yellow light

    This compact fluorescent Bug-A-Way bulb provides a warm yellow light sufficient for you to see at night while minimizing atractiveness to bugs.

* This 14 watt Energy Saver Bug-A-Way bulb provides light similar to a 60 watt incandescent Bug-A-Way bulb.
* * At $0.11kWh, this 14 watt Energy Saver bulb uses $12.32 of electricity over its 8000 hour life. This is a $40.48 savings when compared to the $52.80 required to run a 60 watt incandescent bulb over the same period. Actual savings will vary depending on cost per kWh in your area.

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