A simple way to beautify your home

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  • A simple way to beautify your home

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    A simple way to beautify your home

    Philips MR16 LED flood light bulbs deliver exceptionally long life, significant energy savings, beautiful light, and contain no mercury. This dimmable 10 Watt can replace a standard 35 Watt halogen to accentuate your décor.

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    Product features

    • Instant on

      Just by flipping the switch, your room is at full brightness. No slow starting or waiting.

    • Provides a bright, crisp light

      This MR16 LED bulb produces a crisp, bright white light that will not fade fabrics or furnishings. It is perfect for general lighting or accent lighting to highlight your décor.

    • Lasts 22.8 years**

      By using this bulb, you can reduce the hassle of frequently replacing your light bulbs.

    • Reduces energy costs

      This bulb saves $68.75 in energy costs when you replace a 35 Watt halogen MR16 with this 10 Watt LED MR16.*

    • Similar shape and size as standard halogen MR16

      This bulb is an easy switch from a standard halogen MR16 and is ideal for use in indoor track lighting and other decorative fixtures.

    • Dimmable***

      This lamp can be used with most dimmers to create your desired ambience with smooth dimming to 10% of full light levels.

    * At $0.11/kWh, this 10 Watt, 2050 Candela (candlepower) LED MR16 uses $27.50 of electricity over its 25,000 hour life. This is $68.75 savings when compared to the $96.25 required to run a 35 Watt, 1577 Candela halogen MR16 over the same period. Actual savings will vary depending on cost per kWh.
    * *22.8 years means rated average life based on engineering testing and probability analysis where the lamp is used on average 3 hours/day, 7 days a week.
    * **Dimmable when using leading edge dimmers. Visit www.philips.com/beautifullight to find up-to-date dimmer compatibility information.

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