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Energys savings without sacrifice

Philips 150W EcoVantage T3 halogen bulb provides bright light for work and security fixtures. It contains no mercury and is an energy saving alternative to a 200W standard incandescent with an estimated yearly energy cost of $18.07**.

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Product features

  • Instant on

    Just by flipping the switch, your room is at full brightness. No slow starting or waiting.

  • Bright alternative to incandescent

    This 40W Ecovantage flood light bulb provides a bright, white beam of light that is ideal for general room lighting. It is perfect for indoor recessed ceiling fixtures.

  • Reduces energy costs

    This EcoVantage bulb saves up to 25% in electricity costs when compared to a 150W T3, and has an estimated yearly energy cost of $18.07**.

* *Based on 3 hrs/day, 11¢/kWh. Cost depends on rates and use.
* Compared to a 200 watt standard halogen T3 rated at 3000 lumens, this 150 watt EcoVantage T3 provides 2850 lumens and saves 25% energy.
* **1.5 years means rated average life based on engineering testing and probability analysis where the lamp is used on average 3 hours/day, 7 days a week.

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