Exclusive design signature, maximum visibility

    LED daytime running lights to be seen better

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  • Exclusive design signature, maximum visibility

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      The new generation of high-power Luxeon LED daytime running lights improve your safety on the road, increasing your visibility without compromising on lifetime and energy consumption.

      Product features

      • Hybrid, electric and start & stop compatible

        With the intelligent electronics of the control box, the modules are compatibles with the latest types of vehicles: hybrid, electric and start & stop cars are all supported. Please refer to the application guide section for an overview of all make and models.

      • Dimmable: stays on night & day

        Our Daylight solution stays on day and night. During the day, LED Dayliight makes cars more visible and more rapidly detectable by the drivers of other vehicles or pedestrians moving in the opposite direction, which, as a whole, increases road safety. The system automatically dims at night.

      • Water and gravel-impact resistant

        The high-quality aluminum housing and lens are water and gravel-impact resistant. After mounting the system does not require any maintenance.

      • High quality aluminum housing

        The robust high quality aluminium housing prevents corrosion and is weatherproof: water, salt, sand and dust stand no chance. The result is long life and no maintenance work.

      • Wide angle to be seen better

        The homologated Lightguide technology results in a uniform light diffusion without dots and an ultra-wide beam.

      • Smart clip-on system

        Simple installation with smart clip-on system. Install the brackets in any cavity and simply click the modules into place. The modules will lock tightly and are free from theft.

      • High power new generation LED

      • Homologated lightguide technology

        The lightguide technology delivers a distinct lighting signature. Contrary to the dot appareance of earlier solutions, the light that is guided through the 2 beams is uniform and extends to a wider angle. As any other Philips solution the beam complies with all homologation standards.

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