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Simplicity with USB monitor

Set yourself free with the new Philips USB monitor. The USB 2.0 ports on your laptop delivers digital video and power to your monitor via a single cable connection!

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Product features

  • Single USB 2.0 laptop connetion for power and video

    Philips USB monitor is capable of displaying images and drawing power directly from your laptop USB ports with a single USB cable. No extra power or video cables are required resulting in a simple, single cable, extra low power connection between your laptop and monitor.

  • Extra low power consumption

    The USB monitor uses special low-power LED backlight, allowing it to simply draw power from USB ports of your laptop. It consumes approximately 9 watts, resulting in approximately 50% lower power consumption than a equivalent standard monitor.

  • Mercury Free eco-friendly display

    Philips monitors with LED backlighting are free of Mercury content, one of the most toxic natural substances which affects humans and animals. This allows for a eco-friendly display through out its life-cycle from manufacturing to disposal.

  • Instant on, thanks to LED technology

    White LED's are solid state devices which light up to full, consistent brightness faster saving startup time. LED's are free from mercury content which allows for eco-friendly recycling and disposal process. LED's allow for better dimming control of LCD backlight, resulting in super high contrast ratio. It also gives superior color reproduction thanks to consistent brightness across the screen.

  • 70mm height adjustment for ideal sitting position

    The Compact Ergo Base is a 'people friendly' Philips monitor base that tilts, swivels and is height adjustable so each user can position the monitor for maximum viewing comfort and efficiency.

  • Tilt and swivel adjustment for an ideal viewing angle

    Screen tilt and swivel is a mechanism built into the base permits the monitor to swivel and tilt backward or forward.

* In rare instances, if your laptop's 2xUSB ports do not have enough power output for the monitor, in that case you may need to purchase an optional DC adaptor.

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