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    High brightness white LED under cabinet light. Kit includes one 9" strip, plug-in power converter, and mounting hardware.

    Product features

    • Saves up to 80% energy

      The LED lighting technology used in Philips lighting fixtures is highly energy-efficient. As a result, every lighting fixture conserves energy, helping consumers to save money on their electricity bills and contribute to preserving the environment. For home lighting that's energy-efficient and provides great light in a range of contemporary designs, look for Philips LED products.

    • Plugged directly into an outlet

      This fixture plugs directly into an outlet for easy installation.

    • High light quality with strong light output

      The PowerLED module in Philips light fixtures offer great strong light output using a minimum of energy with a maximum of efficiency.

    • Warm white light effect

      Light up your home with warm white light. Philips introduces a generation of warm white high power LEDs. This innovation brings our lighting fixtures to the next level, allowing you to combine elegance and ambience creation with light and energy efficiency.

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