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107cm (42") Full HD 1080p LCD TV Pixel Plus 3 HD


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  • 2009-08-05

    For the eco-friendly guy who'll skimp on plastic bags but not his TV viewing experience, Philips has the solution: the Eco TV.

    Conclusion : Philips latest product in their line of flat panel HDTVs addresses one major issue with today's models, and that is power consumption. Deemed as the Eco TV, the 52PFL5603D might be a lot of screen, but it actually uses less power than any flat panel TV......

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  • 2009-10-20

  • 2009-12-13

    The Philips 42PFL5603D 42 inch LCD high definition television is an active attempt by Philips to create a large screen television that is as economically friendly as it is fun to watch. Most large screen televisions are energy hogs while they are...

  • 2008-05-15

    One of the ironies about the green movement is that while many people are cutting energy consumption, reducing waste and trying to be more environmentally friendly, they're still buying very large TVs. Traditionally, the larger the set means the more...

    • Eco friendly, four HDMI inputs, swivel stand
    • Not the best off angle viewing, no Ambilight feature
  • 2008-05-30

    At the Consumer Electronics Show this year we selected the Philips 42PFL5603D as the best product overall because it addressed one big issue with today's flat-panel HDTVs: power consumption . Now that we've tested the "Eco TV," we can confirm that it...

    • Consumes less energy than any flat-panel TV we've tested; accurate primary colors; de-judder mode smoothes out motion; handsome styling; solid connectivity with four HDMI inputs.
    • Produces light black levels; energy-saving mode creates distracting black-level fluctuations; dark areas tend toward blue; de-judder processing introduces artifacts; sub-par off-angle viewing.

    Conclusion : Although it has its share of picture-quality problems, the Eco-friendliness of Philips' 42PFL5603D flat-panel LCD will win the day for consumption-conscious shoppers....

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CES Innovations 2008 Awards Honorees

CES Innovation honors award for LCD TV

CNET Best of CES 2008 Best in Show

Best of CES for TV category; won for Eco Flat TV

Best of CES!

Philips 42PFL5603D

Philips 42PFL5603 - Product Design Award!

Philips 42PFL5603

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