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Experience Hospitality TV

The ultimate hospitality platform, simplified to operate seamlessly in today’s digital environment, with software upgrade capabilities to evolve to tomorrows changing landscape.

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Product features

  • Optional Gateway Network Appliance (GNA) for remote access

    This model is compatible with the Gateway Network Appliance (GNA). The GNA is a management device that allows remote programming and maintenance of your televisions, so you never have to enter the room to make changes again! With a GNA you can update and adapt channel maps, change TV settings, and keep television software up to date, saving substantially on the cost of room visits. The GNA also allows data updates for Simple Slide Shows running on this Philips commercial television.

  • Auto Sensing Inputs offer digital connectivity for the guest

    Our built-in digital autosensing connectivity panel includes HDMI for game consoles as well as USB inputs. Guests can also plug their USB memory sticks right into the set to play back music or photos (.mp3 or .jpg files).

  • SPI data port gives compatibility with all key PPV systems

    With the built-in SPI data port, and the addition of a set back box offering Pro:Idiom™ decryption, and MPEG-4 decoding, this TV is compatible with virtually all available hospitality entertainment content systems, both Pay-per-View and Free-to-Guest.

  • Easy Install allows quick installation, cloning, and setup

    Philips Easy Install software consists of a simple to use PC program that allows all features to be configured and all channels to be mapped in a fraction of the time it takes to do so on an actual television with a remote. Improved organization of the on-screen Setup Menu also enables a faster and easier manual install process.

  • EcoPower³ for the best picture and ultra low power use

    EcoPower³ allows the backlight intensity to be decreased to improve the energy efficiency of the TV - even beyond the EnergyStar requirements! Some screen sizes even offer active adjustment based on real time picture measures and actual room lighting conditions to deliver the best possible picture at the lowest possible energy consumption.

  • LED backlit means NO mercury

    LED backlit means NO mercury

  • Decodes MPEG-4 from satellite TV

    Decodes MPEG-4 from satellite TV

  • Decrypts Pro:Idiom™ encrypted video

    Decrypts Pro:Idiom™ encrypted video

  • Energy Star compliant

    Energy Star compliant

  • ROHS compliant

    ROHS compliant

  • Integrated two-way b-LAN™ communication with PPV support

    Philips televisions feature the LodgeNet Interactive b-LAN™ communication protocol built into the TV. This allows for simple and reliable cloning, customizing, and updating of our products. By integrating b-LAN™, these televisions also work right out of the box in all LodgeNet® systems, without any need for terminals or cards.

  • Two year advanced exchange warranty

    Philips offers unmatched commitment to keeping your guest rooms in working order. We have such confidence in the reliability of our televisions that we offer a two-year advanced exchange warranty with same day ship. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong we ship a replacement directly to you. (Same day ship applies to calls received M-F prior to 2 PM ET.)

  • Advanced Exchange warranty is valid in the United States only. Local warranties govern sales in other countries.
  • Dolby Digital is a registered trademark of Dolby Labs
  • LodgeNet and b-LAN are trademarks of LodgeNet Interactive Corporation
  • Pro:Idiom is a registered trademark of the Zenith corporation.

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