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    Enhance your decor with light. The Philips Scales pendant lamp with brushed nickel finish is as beautiful unlit as it is when illuminated. This pendant lamp provides warm, white light while making a dramatic expression of your modern style.

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    Product features

    • High Power LED

      The LED module of this lamp is a uniquely developed solution by Philips combining 3 LEDs in a synthetic and aluminium housing. This technique enables an optimal light output and a 100% uniform light colour.

    • Adjustable height

      This Philips light is delivered with (3 each) 4", 8", 12" and 24" internally threaded stems used in combination to allow flexibility during installation. Combine the stems to create the height that perfectly matches your needs.

    • Enjoy warm white light

      Enhance your home with warm white light. Philips LED lights provide soft, comfortable light with a color temperature of 2700 Kelvin, similar to the familiar light of an incandescent. Enjoy a cozy ambience with the energy efficiency of Philips LED lights.

    • Exceptionally long operating life

      This lamp features Philips LED lights, which offer an average estimated life of 20 years.* With Philips LED light, you can enjoy the ambience of warm, comfortable light without the worry of frequent maintenance or bulb replacement.

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