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    The Philips LED TableLights create ambient lighting effects with a romantic glow. The color model offers a choice of seven enchanting shades (white color included) plus a rainbow effect where it sequentially steps through all colors.

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    Product features

    • LED technology is cool to touch

      While having the light effect the product remains cool to touch because of the Philips LEDs.

    • Innovative LED technology with extremely long operating life

      Low-power LEDs are used in a wide variety of lighting applications requiring a lower level of illumination. These are typically used for decorative ambient lighting and orientation purposes.

    • Simply tilt the candle to turn it on and off

      By tilting the LED candle light you can switch it on and off. Surprisingly easy and funny.

    • Romantic soft glow of constant light in elegant design

      LED Lights to create a romantic mood lighting effect with a constant glowing light output.

    • Easy wireless induction charging no hassle with wires

      Easy recharging of the products with wireless induction charger

    • No open electricity

      By using unduction charging and waterproof products the user is not confronted with open electricity.

    • Unbreakable robust plastic holder

      There is no chance of broken glass when the plastic candles fall on a hard surface. Safe for any situation where this risk is eminent.

    • Up to 10 hours of light on a single charge

      The Philips LED lamps provide more than an evening of light per charge, and are easily recharged using the wireless induction charger.

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