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    LivingColors Mini Mickey & Minnie. Cute design, fun and easy to use. Just turn it on, select one of the 256 colors and enjoy imaginative moments.

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    Product features

    • choose among 256 colors

      Select your own favorite color out of the 256 available colors.

    • Nice diffused light effect

      With the diffused light effect of the LivingColors Mini, the colors blend in naturally to create the best atmosphere.

    • Child-friendly product specially designed for kids

      Specially designed for kids, the LivingColors Mini is sure to bring a world of light to your child's bedroom and playtime in a safe and comforting way.

    • Easy on product control

      By touching and swiping the color circle, you can very easily select every color you like.

    • Automatic color changing mode

      Just push the on/off button for 5 seconds and let the LivingColors Mini do all the work, showing you the whole range of colors.

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