• Experience the richness of natural sound

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  • Experience the richness of natural sound

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  • Experience the richness of natural sound

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    Experience the richness of natural sound

    The Philips Fidelio wireless speaker gives you the freedom to play songs from your iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, and from your computer’s iTunes - wirelessly via AirPlay. Stylish and powerful, it fills your home with great music, not clutter.

    Product features

    • SoundAvia for impressive room-filling sound

      Designed to satisfy the most demanding music aficionados, SoundAvia will fill your room with impressive audio quality from a compact device. Full range front-firing speaker drivers and back-firing bass pipes optimize the sound balance, while the slightly curved baffle design elegantly broadens the optimal listening area.

    • FullSound enhances sound detail for rich and powerful sound

      Philips' proprietary FullSound technology uses latest-generation Digital Signal Processing to faithfully enhance music rendering. Music content is dynamically analyzed and optimized to let you experience music with great detail and warmth.

    • Stream music with AirPlay wireless technology

      AirPlay lets you stream your entire iTunes music collection to your Philips Fidelio docking stations. It plays wirelessly from the iTunes program on your computer, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch - to any AirPlay-enabled speaker in your home. All you have to do is ensure your speakers are connected to your Wi-Fi network. AirPlay also lets you play simultaneously on every speaker in every room. Get your favorite tunes to follow you whichever room you go.

    • One step AirPlay setup

      With the incredulity simple one step AirPlay set up, your wireless speaker will be connected easily with your home network. Simply connect the speaker with your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad with 30-pin cable or docking connector, press the WiFi set up button and with just one click to allow Wi-Fi set up sharing on your Apple device, you're ready to rock!

    • SoundStudio app for complete control of audio settings

      Have music the way you like it now. SoundStudio truly puts the power over your music into the palm of your hands. It lets you change every aspect of sound, using only your iPhone, with controls that are intuitive and simple. Now you can tweak, tailor and create your desired sound experience and have your favorite songs come to new life. SoundStudio also lets you listen to thousands of Internet radio stations worldwide, broadening your music experience even further.

    • Play and charge your iPod/iPhone/iPad via USB port

      This speaker comes with a USB port, allowing you to conveniently charge your iPod, iPhone, iPad. Simply connect your Apple device with its USB cable to the back of the speaker. You can play any music from your Apple device whilst it is charging.

    • AUX-in for easy connection to almost any electronic device

      The AUX-in connection allows direct playback of MP3 content from portable media players. Besides the benefit of enjoying your favorite music in the superior sound quality delivered by the speaker, AUX-in connection is also extremely convenient as all you have to do is to plug your portable MP3 player to the speaker.

    • 40W RMS total output power

      This Philips speaker has 40W RMS total output power. RMS refers to Root Mean Square which is a typical measurement of audio power, or rather, the electrical power transferred from an audio amplifier to a loudspeaker, which is measured in watts. The amount of electrical power delivered to the loudspeaker and its sensitivity determines the sound power that is generated. The higher the wattage, the better the sound power emitted by the speaker.

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