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    A true all-in-one trimmer, the Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 is designed with an integrated trimmer on one end and a contour-following shaver head on the other, for a comfortable and convenient trim and shave.

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    Product features

    • 5 length settings for different body hair legths

      Select and lock your desired lengthsetting for convenient and skin friendly trimming of all body zones.

    • for a close shave following your body's contours

      3-Dimensional pivoting head adjusts to every curve of your body for a close and comfortable shave.

    • Hypo-allergenic foil shaver and patented pearl tips

      A hypo-allergenic metal shaving foil and patented pearl tip trimmer prevents skin irritation for ultimate body comfort.

    • Rounded tips for smooth contact with your skin

      Rounded tips gives a smooth touch of your skin, while the sharp cutting edges deliver a high trimmer performance.

    • 50 minutes cordless use after 1 hour quick charge

      The battery deliveres more than 50 minutes of powerful cordless after a 1 hour charge. A 10 min quick charge gives you 10 minutes of grooming time, so it is always ready when you are.

    • Shows the battery status

      Fully charged battery is indicated by a solid green light, with at least 10 minutes left of usage the light blinks orange.

    • Ergonomic rubber grip for maximum control

      Striped rubber grips on each side ensure optimal grip, even when wet, for better control when grooming your body.

    • Trim and shave all body zones with optimal comfort

      The Philips Bodygroom BG2040 is a dual ended product for a more convenient experience: trimming head with 5 integrated length settings comb for different hair length options and a shaving head for a close shave.

    • Water resistant for use in the shower, and easy cleaning

      Trim and shave in comfort, in or out of the shower, wet or dry. To clean, you can simply rinse this groomer under the tap.

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