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  • Capturing & sharing great moments - made easy

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    Rugged and waterproof, the Qvida camcorder CAM150 is great indoors & out, even in water or snow. Advanced anti-shake delivers the sharpest videos while dual format recording offers both HD and email-friendly formats for easy sharing anytime


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Capturing & sharing great moments - made easy

Even in the water or snow

  • Shoot clearer and steadier videos with advanced anti-shake

    Advanced anti-shake lets you take great videos that you will always be proud to share. Steady and undistorted videos are ensured by gyro sensors that are armed with advanced algorithms. The sensors take measurements of the distance between the ground and the camera lens, and make the necessary corrections whenever the camcorder wobbles. This advanced technology gives you blur-free pictures every time, letting you capture the best moments in life in amazing videos.

  • Dual format recording for full HD and email-friendly formats

    Full HD videos are great for watching on HD TVs. But should you want to email the video or share it online, the large HD file will have to be compressed and converted into an email-friendly format. Your camcorder takes away that hassle by offering dual format recording. Turn the feature on and your videos are recorded in two formats simultaneously – full HD (1080p) and email-friendly QWVGA (240p) formats. This lets you enjoy your videos to the fullest on your HD TV, and gives you a format you can immediate share electronically.

  • Quick sharing for emailing and posting on Facebook/YouTube

    With the built-in Windows software, you can post your movies on websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo with no fuss. For Mac users, you can easily organize, edit and share with iMovie from iLife. With an advanced compression technique, the HD video format (H.264) used by the Philips camcorder can generate smaller files than those from standard camcorders, digital cameras and mobile phones without any loss in video quality, so you can share them faster! These files can also be used by other programs like iPhoto and Windows Movie Maker.

  • Relive memories in great detail with full HD videos

    Capture and enjoy videos in full high definition quality (full HD 1080p). "1080" refers to the display resolution, in terms of the number of horizontal lines on screen. “p” stands for progressive scan, or the sequential appearance of the lines in each frame. 1080p gives video quality that is superior to that found in typical mobile phones and digital cameras. In addition, the camcorder uses the same video format as Blu-ray players and discs – H.264. This highly sophisticated format delivers superb HD picture quality, letting you savor crystal clear memories on video.

  • Quick impression for video highlights in a mini movie

    Make a quick summary of the videos you have shot – all with the click of a button. Quick impression automatically extracts highlights of your latest videos and strings them into a synopsis of your recordings. View the essence of your videos instantly or use the summary to simply remind yourself of what you have shot. All you have to do is select Quick Impression on your camcorder. Reliving memories has never been easier.

  • Flash, auto focus, face & smile detection

  • Up to 8 megapixel for high quality photos

  • Direct TV connection via HDMI for viewing your videos in HD

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