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Feel your music with the Philips Car stereo speakers CSP415. These 10cm 2-way speakers have peak power at 150W, and feature a light polypropylene cone with a soft PEI dome tweeter so you can enjoy vivid music details in clear sound.

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Product features

  • Light polypropylene cone for clear sound delivery

    Inside the speaker, a diaphragm sits on top of a voice coil to produce a signal waveform once an input signal is received. It transforms the signal wave into a sound wave. Polypropylene is one of the lightest plastics ever invented and is great material for speaker diaphragms due to its weight, high strength, stiffness and tolerance for high temperatures. These polypropylene cones deliver high quality music by reacting to even the smallest sound signal to produce clear, vivid sound.

  • Sensitive cloth surround for maximum sound details

    A highly sensitive cloth connects the woofer diaphragm to the speaker frame to form a surround suspension system. When a sound signal reaches the cone inside the woofer, the cloth surround assembly brings the cone back into position to be ready to receive another sound signal. By doing so, the woofer can capture every signal with a minimum of distortion, giving you clear, smooth sound no matter how loud or how quiet the music is played.

  • Soft PEI dome tweeter for warm and textured tones

    PEI (Polyetherimide) is ideal material for tweeter domes due to its light weight, high tensile strength, high stability and tolerance for high temperatures. Inside the tweeter, the small diaphragm (the dome opening) produces high frequency tones. These PEI domes can capture even the highest musical notes to make your music textured with warm, full-range treble. The dome shape also spreads the sound around so that you can hear the high notes from every seat in the car.

  • Stylish speaker grille protects against damages

    The speaker grille has been designed to give cars the look of luxury. Composed of two parts - a detachable metal mesh casing and a plastic ring, when installed over the speaker, it fully covers the tweeter dome and speaker cone. Hard and durable, it protects the speakers from accidental kicks and curious fingers, both of which can be damaging to their sound performance.

  • Strong ferrite magnet for high power performance

    Ferrite is a lightweight but strong material with a permanent and coherent magnetic field. It is the key speaker component that induces the movement of the voice coil and the diaphragm. When an input signal is received, the voice coil acts as an electromagnet that causes the woofer and tweeter diaphragm to either attract or repel. The ferrite magnet produces an even magnetic field for smooth diaphragm movement, ensuring sound output with lower distortion. Using such a stable and highly coercive magnet like ferrite, the voice coil can produce loud sounds while keeping the tone smooth.

  • Endurance and performance stability in extreme conditions

    Endurance and performance stability in extreme conditions.

  • Fits perfectly in all 10cm speaker openings

    Fits perfectly in all 10cm speaker openings.

  • Simple wires plug-in for designated speaker terminals

    Simple wires plug-in for designated speaker terminals.

  • Sturdy polypropylene cone for all-weather performance

    Polypropylene is great material for speaker cone diaphragms due to its all-weather performance. When the weather is wet, the weight of the cone can increase; reducing its sensitivity. When the weather is hot, the cone (or only part of it) can expand and become larger. In both cases, the sound can become distorted. No matter what the weather, the sturdy polypropylene cones are not affected by these issues and they produce a clear, vivid sound every time.

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