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    Interlocking silicone and polycarbonate provide 360-degree coverage for maximum protection and minimal bulk. Enjoy full use of iPod while protected in the case, including covers for the headphone jack and dock connector when not in use.

    Product features

    • Slim design fits easily into your pocket

      The slim design adds protection with minimal added bulk, so your device still fits easily into your pocket or bag for protection on the go.

    • Quick and easy protection in a snap

      This case is made from a durable material that is custom made to fit your device perfectly. The case is quick and easy to put on, and adds a layer of protection to your device.

    • Covered buttons for push-through protection

      The case material covers the volume buttons, giving you push-through control while your device stays protected.

    • Dual-material construction provides strength and grip

      Two materials combine for even better protection. Made from an outer layer of durable see-through silicone that adds secure grip, plus a backbone of strong, crystal-clear polycarbonate that seals the case closed.

    • Interlocking 360-degree design for all-over coverage

      Constructed of silicone and polycarbonate, the two-part case features an advanced seal to provide total, 360-degree coverage, protecting your device from the elements when you need it most.

    • Silicone plugs seal openings when not in use

      Integrated silicone plugs seal the headphone jack and connector port for protection against the elements when not in use.

    • Touch-through silicone for access while protected

      You can see your device's display through the silicone face of the case. Plus, the silicone is touch sensitive, allowing touch-through control of your device for full functionality while protected inside the case.

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