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    These two cases feature our internal ShockStop design to cushion your device & protect it from shock. Wrap-around protection protects the face of your device while offering total access to controls.

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    Product features

    • Honeycomb construction deflects vibration & dissipates shock

      ShockStop protects devices with a walled tri-form construction that dissipates shock. Unlike a solid surface that can conduct vibration, the segmented ShockShock surface pattern interrupts & stops reverberation.

    • Access to all controls and dock connector

      The openings on this case allow convenient access to all controls and dock connector, so you can use your device while it's protected inside the case.

    • Silicone adds grip and protection

      This case is made out of soft silicone which adds a layer of grip to your player, while it also protects your device against normal wear and tear.

    • Multi-pack lets you pick your favorite to change it up

      With a variety of styles to choose from, you can select your favorite for the day, then change it up the next day. Express yourself - match your outfit, your mood, or your player.

    • Quick and easy protection in a snap

      This case is made from a durable material that is custom made to fit your device perfectly. The case is quick and easy to put on, and adds a layer of protection to your device.

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