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    Use the compact and convenient charger with folding plug to charge your iPad, iPhone or iPod from any wall outlet. Delivers more power to fully charge even faster. Use the included cable to sync with iTunes and charge via your computer.

    Product features

    • Delivers more power for a faster charge

      Don't sit around waiting for your device to charge! The higher power output of this charger ensures your device is fully charged in a shorter amount of time compared to standard, less powerful chargers.

    • Fold and go plug for compact storage

      With this wall charger, you can easily fold up the prongs of the plug for compact storage and convenient travel.

    • A great spare or replacement cable to have on hand

      The included 30-pin to USB cable is essential for syncing your iPhone or iPod with iTunes, and for charging via your computer or USB charger. Carry it with you, keep it at your desk, or replace the one you lost so you're always able to connect and charge when you need to.

    • Convenient USB charger to stay charged at any wall outlet

      The compact wall charger plugs into any wall outlet, and connects to your device via USB for easy and convenient charging at home, at the office or while traveling.

    • Works with USB-based devices

      The universal unit has a USB connection for use with your USB-based device via the device's USB cable which you already own or can purchase separately.

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