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15 m / 50 ft zoom digital recorder

Voice Tracer digital recorder

15 m / 50 ft zoom DVT5500/00 Find similar products
  • Superior Music Recording

    Voice Tracer

    digital recorder

    DVT5500/00 Find similar products

    With 3 microphones, the Voice Tracer 5500 is ideal for capturing music in outstanding definition and clarity. On top of that it's perfect for recording distant voices, speeches and conversations. HighFidelity recording at it's very best. See all benefits


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Superior Music Recording

in audio CD-like quality

  • 4 GB memory built-in for up to 44 days of recording

    With the 4 GB of built-in memory, your Voice Tracer is able to capture up to 44 days of continuous recording.

  • Integrated fold-out stand for easy device positioning

    With the integrated fold-out stand on the backside of the Voice Tracer you can conveniently position your voice recorder towards the sound source.

  • Line-in recording for connecting external sound sources

    With the buit-in line-in connection you are able to connect and record from external sound sources. Simply connect to the line-in plug and start recording.

  • Metal microphone grille for crystal clear sound quality

    A well-engineered microphone grille is able to make a good microphone stand out even more. The grille built-in the new Voice Tracer's guarantees crystal clear recordings.

  • Up to 48 hours battery runtime for extra long recordings

    The batteries of the new Voice Tracer's last for up to 48 hours for extra long recording sessions.

  • Pre-recording for never missing a single word

    The pre-recording function allows you to record sound sources from approximately three seconds prior to pressing the record button.

  • Rechargeable batteries included for economic recording

    The new Voice Tracers come with rechargeable batteries for more than 50 hours of continuous recording. Additionally, you can help protecting the environment by simply recharging the batteries of your device using USB instead of buying new batteries.

  • Stereo MP3 recording for crystal clear playback

    The Voice Tracer captures all recordings in stereo and the popular MP3 format, the common audio format for consumer audio storage, as well as a de facto standard encoding for the transfer and playback of recordings.

  • Wireless remote control included for convienent recording

    With the wireless remote control you can now stop and start recording even from a distance.

  • HighFidelity recording for best-in-class music recording

    HighFidelity recording means to be able to capture the original sound as naturally as possible. Several key components are needed for creating an excellent recording. All been integrated into the new music recorder: high signal-to-noise ratio, highly dynamic microphones to capture soft tones as well as loud drums, a high-quality microphone suspension in order to avoid pickup of grip noise, a strong left & right channel separation for human ear like live effect and Audio CD quality. In addition, Philips provides a wireless remote control for convenient operation - even from a distance.

  • Smart keys for convenient operation

    The two ergonically placed smart keys allow for a convenient, quick and direct access to the most important features of your Voice Tracer.

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