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All-in-1 grooming kit with new improved performance and skin friendly Philips Norelco G370/60 trimmer. Designed to create any style you want with excellent precision, giving you that sense of pride of a perfect end result.

Product features

  • Full size trimmer for beard and head hair

    Using the full size trimmer without a comb results in a stubble beard look.

  • Mini shaver for finishing edges with a close result

    To finish your beard style enjoy the use of the mini shaver which finishes edges with close result.

  • Precision detail trimmer to create and maintain your lines

    Create any style you want with precision.

  • Sharper edges for improved cutting performance

    Sharper edges provides an improved cutting performance for faster and better results

  • Rounded Guard is more gentle and glides better on the skin

    Rounded trimmer tip's prevents scratching on the skin and provide the ultimate body comfort

  • Washable attachments

    Washable attachments for fast and convenient cleaning.

  • Rechargeable cordless

    10-hour charge for up to 35 minutes of cordless operation

  • Hair clipper comb locks into 9 settings

    9 length settings to keep your hair neat and styled with this Philips trimmer.

  • Nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer

    To trim unwanted hairs easily and pain-free.

  • Beard and moustache comb locks into 9 settings

    9 length settings to trim your facial hair exactly how you want with this Philips trimmer.

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