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    Wake-up Light

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    Inspired by nature’s sunrise a unique combination of light therapy and sound wakes you in a more natural way. This Wake-Up Light is controlled by your iPhone. Use the App to set your alarms and play music. The dock also charges your iPhone See all benefits


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Wake up naturally

with a Wake-up Light controlled by your iPhone

  • Coloured Sunrise Simulation wakes you naturally

    Inspired by nature's sunrise, light gradually increases within 30 minutes from soft morning red through orange until your room is filled with bright yellow light. This process of changing an increasing light stimulates your body to wake up naturally. By the time light has filled the room your chosen natural sound completes the wake up experience, leaving you ready for the day ahead.

  • Dimming light and sound gently send you off to sleep

    Sunset simulation is a light therapy used before you go to sleep. Sunset simulation prepares your body to fall asleep by gradually decreasing light and sound to your set duration.

  • Just tap the product to snooze

    A slight tap anywhere on the Wake-up light, sets the snooze mode. After 9 minutes the sound will gently start playing again.

  • Display automatically dims itself when the bedroom gets dark

    The display brightness intuitively adjusts itself: it brightens in a light filled room to remain legible and dims itself in a dark room to not disturb your rest.

  • Compatible with iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 3, 4

    Wake-up Light is compatible with iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS as well as iPod Touch 3 and 4. The device can only be operated by iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5 in combination with the Official Apple 30-9 pin connector, available via Apple.

  • The only Wake-up Light clinically proven to work

    At this moment in time the Philips wake-up light is the only one scientifically proven to work. In order to make the Wake-up Light the best possible product it can be in genuinely waking you up naturally and energized we have done a lot of clinical research. This reseach was conducted by independent science facilities to study and prove the effects of the wake-up light on the overall wake up experience. This way we have proven, among other things, that the Philips Wake-up Light not only wakes you more naturally, but also more energized and that it improves your mood in the morning.

  • 92% of users agree that it is easier to get out of bed

    Independent research* shows that 92% of Philips Wake-up light users find it is easier to get out of bed (Metrixlab 2011, N=209)

  • Control your Wake-up Light by using the free Wake-up App

    Control your Wake-up Light by using the free Wake-up App. Set your alarms and preferred settings, dock your iPhone and all is set seamlessly.

  • Wake up with songs from your iPhone or 8 natural sounds

    Choose your favourite songs from your iPhone library to wake up to or just play your tunes on the Wake-up Light

  • Charge your iPhone in Docking station

    Dock the iPhone in the evening to wake up with a charged iPhone.

  • Track your sleep routines with the Wake-up App

    Track your sleep routines with the Wake-up App.

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