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  • 2007-08-22


    Philips' HTS8100 Ambisound surround sound home cinema fits unobtrusively beneath a 37in or 42in TV screen. The neatly designed 'sound bar' can be wall mounted using the supplied fixing plate

    • Easy installation, Feature rich, Image quality
    • Treble and bass levels are overly brash, Abrasive sonics

    Conclusion : The first 'sound bar' with a DVD player delivers effective surround action, but longer listening can be hard going...

  • 2007-11-01


    Philips has packed a DVD player, multi-channel amp and speakers into a wall-mountable bar – but does convenience mean compromise?

    Conclusion : It never quite sounds like a true surround system, but the HTS8100 still hits a near-perfect balance between style, convenience and performance...

  • 2007-11-19


    If you want more panache than the virtual surround modes found in your TV or 2.1-channel system, this could be the answer.

    Conclusion : As soundbar cinema systems go, the HTS8100 is a fine example. The sound quality on offer is surprisingly sophisticated, and those angled speaker drivers do generate a genuine sense of width that sets this system apart from the virtual surround modes......

  • whathifi.com

    The Philips certainly looks the part, but class rivals sound better

    • Smart looks ; convenience ; easy to use
    • Poor bass integration ; weak soundstage
  • cesweb.org

  • 2007-06-01


    With the Philips Ambisound HTS8100, you dont need five separate speakers to enjoy surround sound in your living room. Miraculously its speakers, amplifier and DVD/CD player are all contained within a 13 cm-thin box. This design concept - the sound bar...

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Philips HTS8100

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Philips HTS8100

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