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6 m / 20 ft zoom digital recorder Zoom mic system

Voice Tracer digital recorder

6 m / 20 ft zoom LFH0865/27 Find similar products
  • Focus on the speaker

    Voice Tracer

    digital recorder

    LFH0865/27 Find similar products

    The Voice Tracer 865 is ideal for capturing lectures and distant voices. It combines advanced recording technology with ergonomic premium design and entertainment attributes such as music playback. See all benefits


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Focus on the speaker

with built-in zoom microphone

  • Low-noise microphone for utmost speech clarity

    The signal–to-noise (S/N) ratio of the high-sensitivity microphone is far better than those of standard microphones. Recording sensitivity is increased (picks up more voice signal) without compromising sound quality.

  • Zoom mic system for distant recording

    The innovative unidirectional zoom microphone is capable of capturing voices from far away and suppresses surrounding noise at the same time. It allows you to switch between three different recording modes, by adjusting to different recording ranges.

  • Plug and play in Windows, Mac OS and Linux

    Your VoiceTracer just works - Plug and Play in Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

  • Large, easy-to-read backlit display

    The large graphical display lets you view all important file information at a glance, thanks to the backlit display even in poor lighting conditions.

  • Enjoy MP3 and WMA music playback

    Store your music collection and downloaded songs on your Voice Tracer. Playback of WMA and MP3 music formats is supported.

  • Rapidly transfer recordings and data via USB 2.0

    Thanks to the fast data transfer of a hi-speed 2.0 USB connection, transfering recordings to your PC is up to 40 times faster compared with the original USB standard.

  • Comfortable stereo microphone and headphones included

    The cushy headphones and the innovative stereo microphone are included in the box.

  • Record in stereo in the popular MP3 format

    Stereo recording in the popular MP3 format which is the common audio format for consumer audio storage, as well as a de facto standard encoding for the transfer and playback of music on digital audio players.

  • ClearVoice for clear and vivid voice playback

    Recording with good audio quality at lectures or presentations can be a challenge. Especially if you do not sit in the front row, the voice of the speaker may be to quiet too record in acceptable quality. The ClearVoice feature adjusts quiet passages dynamically, thus improving the intelligibility of quieter voices.

  • USB powered recording and battery charging for unlimited use

    To record over longer periods, the Voice Tracer can be powered through USB. Simply connect your Voice Tracer to a USB port and record lectures or conversations without draining the battery.

  • 6 m / 20 ft zoom mic for focused recording

    Focused sound pickup from up to 6 m / 20 ft to capture specific and clear audio from far away and eliminate background noises.

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