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    The plug-in microphone turns your voice recorder into an interviewing microphone. The unidirectional microphone is engineered for higher sensitivity to sounds originating from one direction.

    Product features

    • Condenser microphone for superb recording quality

      The sensitive electret condenser picks up every acoustic details for perfect sound reproduction and studio quality.

    • Unidirectional design picks up speaker’s voice only

      Recording the speakers voice only, the unidirectional microphone is ideal for capturing good quality sound and clear voice.

    • A perfect companion for your mobile recorder

      The handy plug-in microphone turns your mobile voice recorder into an interviewing microphone.

    • Durable materials enhance quality for extended use

      Durable and premium quality materials qualify the handsfree headset for extended use.

    • Optimal results with a total Philips solution

      The total Philips solution will produce outstanding results in all situations.

    • Wind shield reduces unwanted noise

      The included wind shield greatly improves sound quality by preventing unwanted and disturbing noise.

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