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    You grew fond of your tape-based recorder but want to increase efficiency? This is where the Pocket Memo 9380 comes into play. With the professional slide switch you can hold on to your working habits and enhance your dictation workflow.

    Product features

    • Exchangeable memory card for unlimited recording

      Virtually unlimited recording capacity thanks to an exchangeable memory card.

    • Automatic file download via USB for quick transcription

      When plugged in, the Pocket Memo dictation recorder automatically downloads your audio files directly onto the computer.

    • High recording quality in DSS format

      The DSS format was developed for the use in digital voice recorders, achieving a high compression ratio with little loss of quality.The DSS format also allows you to store additional information in the file header, which facilitates the organization and the transcription of dictation files.

    • High-quality built-in microphone for excellent sound quality

      The high-quality microphone delivers increased recording sensitivty and excellent sound quality.

    • Lightweight metal body for convenient working

      The ergonomically shaped light weigt metal body is ideal for convenient working over longer periods of time.

    • Priority setting for getting urgent jobs processed first

      With the included priority setting option, urgent recordings get processed first.

    • Professional editing via slide-switch operation

      Easy and fast file editing (insert, overwrite, append) via convenient slide switch.

    • SpeechExec workflow software for easy data management

      SpeechExec sends your recordings to your assistant for transcription and allows you to monitor the status of your work.

    • Direct charging via USB for economical recording

      Help protect the environment by simply recharging the batteries of your device using USB instead of buying new batteries.

    • Voice-activation function for hands-free recording

      Voice-activated recording is a convenience feature for hands-free recording. When enabled, recording will start automatically when you start speaking. Recording stop automatically after you stop speaking and restart automatically when you start speaking again.

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