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This Philips Norelco trimmer gives you optimal trimming performance with sharp and skin friendly blades. 9 different length settings and washable trimmer head for extra convenience.

Product features

  • 9 length settings to easily get the length you want

    Try different styles with 9 different length settings to get exactly the look you want

  • Washable trimmer head

    Rinse the trimmer head under the tap for the most efficient clean

  • To touch up the beard and sideburns

    Quickly and efficiently touch up beard and sideburns with the full size trimmer

  • Sharper edges cut hair more efficiently

    Edges of blades stay sharp for a quick trim without pulling

  • 35 minutes cordless use after 10 hours charging

    The battery lasts for 35 minutes after 10 hours charging. A quick 10 minute charge gives you 10 minutes of grooming time, so it’s always ready when you are.

  • Rounded tips are more gentle and glide better on the skin

    Skin friendly rounded tips are more gentle and glide better on the skin

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Philips cuida el medio ambiente y la sociedad en toda su extensión y apoya enormemente el diseño ecológico de los productos.

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