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    High quality in your kitchen. A sturdy body for long lasting and the pressurized Crema filter for best results. Enjoy your Espresso!!

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    Product features

    • Pressurized Crema filter

      This special crema filter guarantuees a long lasting delicious crema

    • Ground coffee and Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.)

      With this coffee machine you can choose between ground coffee and Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.) pads.

    • 15 bar pump

      High pressure ensures that the ground coffee entire aroma is always fully extracted

    • Cup warmer

      This feature allows you to not only store your espresso cups and glasses right on the espresso machine, it also pre-heats them letting the aroma unfold even better and guaranteeing a long-lasting crema

    • Ergonomic in day by day operations

      Refilling coffee powder or water, emptying the filter or the drip tray. All compartments are directly accessible for maximum convenience.

    • 2,5 liter water tank for high capacity

      The large water tank permits many coffee making with less refilling

    • Painted metal body for sturdy construction

      The painted metal body is sturdy and garantees you long lasting Espresso experience.

    • Delicious milk froth thanks to the classic milk frother

      This Saeco espresso machine comes with the classic milk frother, which baristas call “Pannarello”. It dispenses steam and needs to be immersed in the milk to prepare gorgeous milk foam. Unleash your inner barista by preparing your delicious milk specialties the traditional way!

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