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    This amplified antenna (18 db) is designed to provide reception of both analog and digital broadcasts. Optimized for Digital broadcasts, the reception elements used ensure enhanced reception of ATSC/HDTV signals over a conventional loop.

    Product features

    • Low noise amplification maintains signal quality

      Together with the adjustable amplification, low noise amplification ensures you of a great reception range and improves the quality of your signal.

    • Adjustable gain control

      Use this manual control to obtain the precise adjustment for best picture quality and system performance.

    • Horizontal and vertical positioning for UHF reception

      Compensates for the different types of broadcasting signals by allowing you to adjust the antenna to receive the strongest signal either horizontally or vertically.

    • Various mounting options

      Various mounting options allow you to position your antenna where it may best receive broadcast signals included hardware allows you to position your antenna on your set top, counter or mount it on the wall.

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