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    The Metal LED is beautifully designed to satisfy your lighting needs in and around the house. Made with high-quality aluminium. The compact and ergonomical features of this Metal LED make it a practical torch for a variety of activities

    Product features

    • LED with 100,000 hours life makes replacement unnecessary

      Light source replacement is unnecessary due to extremely long LED life.

    • Ergonomical body for a comfortable grip

      The ergonomic shape of the torch follows the natural lines of your hand ensuring a perfect grip.

    • Nylon strap for easy carry

      Nylon strap makes the flashlight easy to carry around and prevents from losing the flashlight.

    • Rubber sealing rings prevent from damages caused by water

      Rubber sealing rings prevent that water causes damage to the flashlight and allows you to use the flashlight in all wheather conditions.

    • Water resistant body

      Water resistant to use in all weather conditions

    • 120 meters focus-adjustable beam

      Chose between a focused or wide area mode by turning the flashlight head and get the adapted solution to your outdoor situation.

    • Shock resistant housing

      The solid and robust housing of this flashlight is specially designed to prevent damages caused by shocks, hence ensuring you an optimum performance of the flashlight.

    • Rebel 3W High Power LED for extreme bright light

      LED is up to 5 times brighter, makes the battery life last up to 10 times longer and LED's last up to 50.000 ~ 100.000 hours of light, compared to a standard krypton bulb.

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