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    Sweatproof and washable

    Constructed with antimicrobial and water proof materials coupled with adjustable earhooks that provide secure fit, these wireless headsets have been designed for the fitness enthusiast who wants ultimate freedom while doing sports.

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    Product features

    • Sweat proof

      Designed with a water resistant seal to protect your headphones from sweat related damage

    • Washable

      Constructed with water proof materials allowing you to wash your headphones under running tap water

    • Ultra-soft silicon caps sit comfortably in your ears

      The 3 sizes of ultra-soft silicon caps of these Philips earphones sit comfortably in your ears without adding pressure to them whilst blocking out unwanted noise.

    • Bass thumping stereo sound - fuel for your workout

      Acoustics finely tuned to enhance the sporting experience - fuel for your workout

    • Exceptional noise isolation for quality sound at low volume

      You don't have to turn up the volume in noisy places anymore. Angled Acoustic Pipe and the perfectly sealing earbuds cut off background noise significantly, delivering the same quality sound at lower volume and a longer battery life.

    • SwitchStream - never miss a beat, never miss a call.

      With SwitchStream you will hear a ring tone in your Philips wireless headphones when you are receiving a call on your Bluetooth enabled phone. You can then pick up the call from your headset and return to your music after ending the call. Never miss a a beat, never miss a call.

    • Integrated mic, volume and track control on headset

      Sensitive microphone, volume, call and track controls are all integrated into the headset so you don't need to take out your mobile phones for changing volume, tracks or picking up the call.

    • Clear calls even in windy or noisy environment

      This headset is built with dual mic technology for noise reduction. It allows crystal clear call even in windy or noisy environment.

    • Wireless call management

      Manage your call without using your mobile phone. This includes call aceptance, rejection, voice dial and redial. Voice dial and redial have to be supported by your mobile phone.

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