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    In-ear headphones with twin vents for a more balanced, natural sound and have a carrying case for extra protection when not in use.

    Product features

    • 15mm speaker driver optimizes wearing comfort

      Small enough for optimum wearing comfort and big enough to deliver crisp, non-distorted sound, the 15 mm speaker driver is an ideal size for listening enjoyment.

    • Durable Flexi-Grip makes a strong flexible connection

      A soft, flexible part protects the cable connection from damage that otherwise would occur due to repeated bending.

    • Neodymium magnets enhance bass performance and sensitivity

      Neodynium is the best material for producing a strong magnetic field for greater sensitivity in a voice coil, better bass response and higher overall sound quality.

    • Twin vents balance the high sounds and bass tones

      Specially designed vents that channel the air balance the high tones and bass for a more rounded listening experience.

    • Ear cushions improve wearing comfort and bass response

      The special shape and luxurious materials used for the ear cushions of these Philips headphones ensure a perfect fit for maximum comfort. They prevent audio leakage and enhance bass performance too. The ear cushions are shaped in such a way that they perfectly align with the area around a person's ear.

    • Carrying case protects your headphone when not in use

      This case is the most convenient way to look after your headphones and prevent cable tangling when not in use.

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