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    Ultra lightweight headband design together with the soft ear cushions makes you feel so comfortable that it feels like you 're wearing nothing even for long listening sessions.

    Product features

    • 32mm speaker driver delivers big sound performance

      Compact for wearing comfort yet big enough to deliver crisp, powerful sound, the 32 mm speaker driver is a perfect size for non-distorted listening enjoyment.

    • Ultra lightweight headband improves comfort and fit

      The slim, lightweight headband is so light you'l hardly notice you're wearing it.

    • Simple headband can be fully adjustable for your best fit

      Very simple headband design, but is fully adjustable to fit every head size.

    • Soft cushioned earshells provide extra comfort

      The whole earshells are completely cushioned with soft foams. You will feel so comfortable that you can hardly notice you are wearing it.

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