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40mm drivers/closed-back Headphones with mic

Headphones with mic

40mm drivers/closed-back, Over-ear, Memory foam cushions, Single-sided flat cable SHL5905BK/28 Find similar products
  • Immerse in high precision sound

    Headphones with mic

    SHL5905BK/28 Find similar products

    Inspired by cities & savvy urbanites, the retro-mod CitiScape Uptown lets you immerse in high precision sound with MusicSeal to keep every beat to yourself. Plus, memory foam cushions & an air-quilted headband ensure comfort & perfect fit. See all benefits

  • Immerse in high precision sound
  • Immerse in high precision sound
  • Immerse in high precision sound
  • Immerse in high precision sound


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Immerse in high precision sound

with MusicSeal to keep your music yours

  • Built-in microphone & volume control lets you take calls

    Your CitiScape headphones feature a built-in microphone and volume control so you can easily switch from listening to music to taking phone calls. It’s a breeze staying connected with your music – and with the people who matter most to you.

  • Finely tuned 40mm premium drivers deliver precision sound

    Immerse in crystal clear and richly detailed sound delivered by finely tuned premium 40mm drivers. Backed by Philips' heritage in sound excellence, your CitiScape headphones are carefully engineered to reproduce high precision sound for truly captivating music enjoyment on the move.

  • MusicSeal keeps your music in and all to yourself

    Whether you’re listening to the gnashing guitar riffs of a funk metal band or the lilting soprano of an opera diva, MusicSeal ensures that your CitiScape headphones lets you keep your favorite music all to yourself. With double layered walls within the earshell and secure edges between the headphone cushions and housing, this innovative feature seals in every beat. At the same time, ambient noise is prevented from seeping through and disrupting your music enjoyment.

  • Over-ear isolating cushions block out the city’s noise

    Be part of the city's buzz but not its noise with over-the-ear sound isolating cushions. The incredibly soft ear cushions enclose the speakers around your ears to create a perfect seal. You will be able to clearly discern and enjoy all the sound details in your favorite music. Designed to alleviate pressure on your ears, you can wear your CitiScape headphones in true comfort and for long periods of time.

  • Memory foam cushions keep you comfortably immersed in music

    Ultra-soft and supple memory foam cushions of these Philips headphones hug the contours of your ears comfortably and securely to form a perfect seal. Not only is it designed to ensure the best possible fit – whatever your head shape, it also lets you immerse in music enjoyment for extended periods of time. In fact, it is so comfortable, you may even forget that you have them on.

  • Flat 1.2m anti-tangle cable keeps you kink- and knot-free

    Say goodbye to wrestling with knotted and messy cables in and out of your bag. Your CitiScape headphones’ flat 1.2m anti-tangle cable stays kink- and knot-free – always. Now you can focus on what matters most, like enjoying your music with ease wherever you go.

  • Air-quilted headband for long-listening comfort on the move

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