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      Home Theater surge protector protects your equipment and saves energy . Energy savings at your finger tips. Zone 1 and Zone 2 outlets allow you group your devices by usage. Remotely turn your devices on/off with the touch of a button.

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      Product features

      • 3200 Joules

        Prevent thousands of dollars of damage to your electronic devices.

      • Protected phone connections

        These connectors accomodate and RJ11 cord, routing the telephone line through the surge protector to guard against spikes and surges.

      • Protected coax connections

        Connectors route the coaxial signal through the surge protector to protect against surges and spikes.

      • $350,000 connected equipment warranty*

        Protects your connected equipment for the life of the product.

      • Power Blocker

        Automatically shuts down power to the connected devices.

      • 10 outlets - 4 adapter spaced

        10 outlets - 4 adapter spaced allow you to plu gin oversized adapter plugs with out blocking the other outlets.

      • 4 ft power cord

        Provides power to the unit which can be 4 feet from the AC outlet.

      • Built in cord management

        A cord management device that allows the cable/cords to be routed in the same direction for a more organized appearance

      • Pure Power

        Purifies electrical current to improve picture quality.

      • Integrated automatic child safety outlets

        Helps keep children safe from accidental shock.

      • Worry free protection indicators

        LED lights let you know if your surge protector is functioning properly.

      • Save Energy. Save Money.

        Save Energy. Save Money. Automatically reduce energy waste and save money.

      * This warranty only applies in the United States and Canada.

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