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    Form, function and value is what you get from this convenient desk solution. Features include 3 AC outlets with 2 (2.1amp) USB charging ports and a 3 ft cord. Convenient slide-out tray allows you to view your mobile device while charging.

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    Product features

    • 2 USB charging ports

      USB charging port allows you to charge USB devices

    • Expands 1 grounded outlet into 3

      A power multiplier that expands 1 grounded outlet in to 3 grounded outlets by plugging directly into the wall

    • Slide-out tray for tablets

      Convenient slide-out tray accomodates easy charging of iPad or tablets

    • USB Charging 2.1

      USB Charging ports rated at 2.1 amps enable you to charge your mobile devices-compatible with smart phones, iPOD, iPhone,and iPAD

    • 3 ft power cord

      Provides power to the unit which can be 3 feet from the AC outlet.

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