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    Depend on this cable to play portable devices through your home stereo.

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    Product features

    • Nickel-plated connectors for reliable contact

      Nickel-plated connectors establish a clean contact between the cable and connector for a reliable connection.

    • True stereo sound

      A solitary connection of audio out (left and right) which goes directly to a stereo receiver for improved sound.

    • Crafted with quality construction

      Quality construction uses only top grade materials to create products of extended durability.

    • Bare copper shielding

      Bare copper shielding protects against signal loss.

    • Molded plug for secure connections

      Molded plugs ensure secure connections between components and offer extended durability.

    • Flexible PVC jacket

      Flexible PVC jacket provided protection to the delicate core of the cable. It also offers extended durability and ease of installation.

    • Rubber strain relief

      Rubber strain relief provides a secure, yet flexible juncture between the cable and the plug.

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