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    Use this USB 3.0 cable to transfer data at a speed 10x faster than USB 2.0. Ideal for use with printers, hubs, card readers and other USB 3.0 devices.

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    Product features

    • A/5-Pin Mini B Connectors

      Meet your specific connection requirements with A Male/B Male connectors.

    • Superior shielding maximizes data transfers

      Superior shielding maximizes data transfer by guarding against external radio frequency noise.

    • Gold-plated A Male/B Male connectors for better conductivity

      Gold-plated A Male/B Male connectors provide better conductivity by lowering contact resistance.

    • Corrosion-resistant connectors

      Compressed brass with 24K gold-electroplated connectors creates a secure and extremely durable connection that optimizes signal quality and delivers the best picture and data transfer.

    • Flexible PVC jacket

      Flexible PVC jacket provided protection to the delicate core of the cable. It also offers extended durability and ease of installation.

    • Rubber strain relief

      Rubber strain relief provides a secure, yet flexible juncture between the cable and the plug.

    • Molded ends for extended durability

      Molded ends prevent fraying and extend the life of your cable.

    • PC and Mac compatible

      USB 2.0 cable will work with both PC and Mac computers.

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