Breastfeeding in public

You’re just getting used to breastfeeding your baby but breastfeeding for the first time in public can be a whole different ball game.
It can be daunting enough as it is to get out and about with a new baby. If you feel you need to hide away at home whenever your baby decides they’re hungry then you're likely to feel even more tied down or isolated – at the very time when you could both benefit from getting out and about.

The first thing to remember is that most new mothers have been through the same thing and despite a few sideways glances, you should be confident that it is acceptable to breastfeed your baby when you’re outside the home.

Why breastfeed away from home?

Breastfeeding when you’re out and about is convenient, hygienic and the most natural and healthy way for your baby to feed so be proud of what you’re doing.

Where should I breastfeed?

It’s increasingly easy now to find somewhere a little more private to feed your baby while out and about. Many shopping centres, department stores, baby shops and supermarkets have special feeding rooms where you can breastfeed, and change your baby’s nappy.

How should I breastfeed in public?

It may help you to feel more confident about feeding in public if you practise at home first. Certain types of clothing or a scarf can help you to feed more discreetly. Many mothers find that quite often people are not even aware they’re breastfeeding and think you and your baby are just having a cuddle.

Expressing milk

If you’re planning some trips out alone or are going back to work, you could perhaps think about expressing your milk so you have the freedom and flexibility to store and give your baby breast milk when you are out and about.

Breast pumps

Expressing milk is easy with practise, especially if you use a pump. The Philips AVENT Single Electronic Breast Pump is designed to make this as simple and quick as possible. This is largely because of a patented petal massage cushion on the pump that naturally mimics the way your baby breastfeeds by massaging the breast and encouraging the let-down reflex.

The pump draws milk from the breast through gentle, effective suction. It comes complete with everything you need to express, store and feed your baby your breast milk, and most importantly, maintain a steady feeding routine.

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