Feel fit, feel great

Get an Active Life

Physical activity is good for us. We all know that but most of us need some extra encouragement to make it count. That’s where Active Living products from Philips come in. They’re designed to help you set realistic fitness targets and make sure you meet them. In your daily life and your exercise routine.

Set your targets. Set about achieving them.

So you’ve decided to be more active. Whether you simply want to get more physical in your daily life or make your current workouts work harder, you need to establish clear, achievable goals, see results that you can measure and get feedback that will encourage you to stick with it and do even better. Philips Active Living products help you:

Set your goals
Track your activity and monitor your progress
Get motivating feedback and advice

You know you can

Small change. Big difference.

You’re never alone

So you already go jogging or to the gym. You could do so much more with a little encouragement from Activa.

Serious exercise isn’t for everyone. With DirectLife, you can improve your fitness with a few simple changes to your everyday activities.

Inspiration is the vital ingredient of Philips Active Living products, whether it’s RealTime Vocal Coaching from Activa or feedback from your own personal DirectLife coach.

Stay fit, feel great

Make every movement count

If going to the gym or jogging is not for you, take a look at DirectLife. See how adding activities like walking the dog or taking the stairs add up to a more active lifestyle and help you to stay healthy.

See yourself get fitter, day by day

Monitor your daily activities on the Activity Monitor. Check your progress on your personal web page. Get motivating feedback from your personal coach.

How DirectLife works
The activity monitor
Your personalised web page
Your personal coach
One step at a time
Your activity monitor

Just add a few more minutes to your daily walk. Take the stairs instead of the lift. DirectLife is built around your daily routine and your fitness needs. It’s all about taking your time and making gradual, sustainable changes.

The advanced technology in this tiny device works out exactly what calories you’re burning every day, based on your age, gender, height and weight. Wear it daily and you can check how well you’re doing at any time.

Get active. Stay active.

Deciding to do more exercise is the easy bit. The problem is staying motivated when the weather’s not so hot or the sofa looks a lot more comfortable.

Activa is your new personal motivator and can help you overcome those moments of weakness. It lets you set and monitor your long-term fitness goals and actively encourages you to stick to them. Real Time Vocal Coaching keeps you on track while TempoMusic matches your music to your workout for that extra push. You can do it. Activa knows you can.

How Activa works
Your Goals
Your Music
Your Results
Your body needs you
Find your motivation

Working out regularly helps you stay energized and maintain your optimum weight. It also reduces the risk of serious conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Get active, stay active and you’re likely to be healthier, more balanced and in a better frame of mind.

Exercise can be a lonely business. A friendly word of encouragement can make all the difference and that’s what Activa’s Real Time Vocal Coaching offers, just when you’re in need of some extra inspiration.

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