Philips Forecast offers exceptionally well-styled contemporary lighting products using unique materials, shapes and finishes. Philips Forecast pioneered many breakthrough concepts in its over 40 year existence.

Philips Forecast offers a wide range of distinctive contemporary lighting designs for both interior and exterior applications. The Philips Forecast fixtures are characterized by:

  • Transitional style with unique materials
  • Modern Industrial style providing honest exposed mechanics
  • Passion for absolute quality in materials and finishing
  • High quality, innovative and detailed materials and finishing
  • Timeless designs with a strong silhouette
  • Recognized leader in incorporating organic elements


Philips Forecast gives you a modern yet approachable style, giving  your environment a unique and sophisticated atmosphere.


Providing design solutions that harness both quality and technology, in order to improve the quality of people’s lives and to create long term added value. Our aim is to be the leader in shaping simple and familiar but unique designs to the highest quality level and employing cutting edge technologies such as LED technology which, besides energy efficiency, provides attractive benefits and endless new ‘never-before-possible’ lighting solutions.

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Organic modern

Forecast Organic Modern combines clean, contemporary designs with natural textures, colors, and materials. The combination makes for inspired...

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Balancing design innovation with sustainability. Sophisticated designs, enhanced with eco-friendly LED-based technology, allows you to...

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alacarte lamp

A la carte

A la carte is a simple concept that allows the combination of different ficture frames and shade options to create a custom look from standard...

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At Philips, we’re constantly challenging ourselves with this question: is our work helping to build a brighter future for people and our planet?

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Philips products are designed and manufactured to high standards and deliver high-quality performance, ease of use and ease of installation. In order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience, we advise you to read the operating instructions carefully or consult the support section on this web site for additional support, before contacting your dealer.

If your product turns out to be defective, please contact the dealer thru which you purchased this product.