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Dimmable LED lighting

Setting the right scene is crucial to feel at ease and relaxed at home.

Lighting is an unobtrusive, yet very practical way to enhance the atmosphere in your home. Philips provides the latest developments in dimmable LED lighting to help create that perfect atmosphere.

Philips has a wide range of dimmable LED products, making it easy to adjust the light intensity. Our LED dimming technologies are the ideal replacement for incandescent and halogen solutions, in terms of performance, compatibility and light output.

Look for the warm glow dimmable light icon on packaging for Philips LED bulbs that dim from 2700K to 2200K. This creates the same deep, warm tones as a dimmed incandescent.

How to choose the right dimmable bulb

If you would like to be able to control the brightness of a LED bulb, you will need one that is dimmable.

With dimmable LED bulbs, you can control the amount of light to create the perfect mood. Watch the video to learn more about dimmability and choosing the right dimmable bulb. 

Frequently asked questions about dimmable LED lighting

How can I tell if a product is dimmable?

When a dimmable icon is featured on the packaging, the product can be dimmed with a variety of dimmers. The dimming can go as low as 5% of the maximum initial light output.

When a non-dimmable icon is featured on the packaging, the product is not compatible with dimmers.

Which type of dimmer can I use for my LED fixture?

Philips has tested the most popular dimmers in our market to check their compatibility with its fixtures. The dimmers are listed in the dimmer compatibility list. 

View the dimmer compatibility list
for Philips LED fixtures (PDF) >

During some periods of the day I notice a difference in light level.  

Pulses are sent by the power company on fixed moments of the day to switch between day and night setting. Also, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, HVAC units, can, at fixed moments, create disturbances on the net when started.

How can I prevent interference with my audio installation?

It is possible that interference occurs if power-wires are combined with speaker wires. This can be prevented by creating a larger distance between the 2 input wires of the lamp and the audio installation.

Which type of dimmer can I use for my LED bulbs?

Philips offers a wide selection of dimmable bulbs - including flood and spot lights - and have tested their compatibility with the most popular dimmers in our market.

Review the dimmer compatibility list to find out which dimmers are recommended by Philips.

View the dimmer compatibility list
for Philips LED bulbs (PDF) >

Can I mix LED lamps with fluorescent or other inductive light sources on 1 dimmer?

No, this will give undesirable effects like flickering.

Why is my dimmer buzzing?

Inside dimmers electronic components are present to prevent flickering and radio disturbances. These components are needed, but can buzz due to their material and physical restrictions. This is a normal behavior. The products are tested on noise level during development and released well below the accepted noise limits standards.

How can I stabilize the light output?

A lot of new dimmers are equipped with a manually adjustable screw to regulate the right load level. If not in the right position, undesirable effects like buzzing and flickering can occur. Adjust the screw position to come to a stable light output.  If extra support is needed, please contact Philips consumer care. 

Load adjustment screw