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of LED lighting

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makes colours come to life

Vivid colours with LED | Philips Lighting

Philips LED provides a soft, comfortable light with no warm up time

Now you don’t have to sacrifice ambiance for energy-savings. Philips LED creates a comfortable atmosphere by providing a soft white light that will not fade fabrics or furnishings. 

Just by flipping the switch, your room is at full brightness. No slow starting or waiting.

This guide shows you how LED light bulbs can offer you unlimited lighting possibilities. They're available in similar shapes as incandescent bulbs, with a range of bases for many applications. And, as well as producing light at its most beautiful, they use around 90% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and can last up to 22 years.

Modern bulbs sometimes feature special “coatings“ to create different light effects. Frosted or white-coated light bulbs give a diffused light, which won’t blind you when the light source is exposed. Clear light bulbs produce a sparkling, natural warm light – ideal for lamps and light fixtures such as chandeliers. This guide will help you choose the right light effect to suit your taste and preference.