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Soft white light - create a cozy atmosphere

A common misconception about LED lighting is that it produces a cold light effect. But did you know that today, Philips LED lighting is available in different color temperatures?

Color temperature is indicated in a unit called Kelvin (K). A low color temperature creates a warm, cozy light effect, while a high color temperature creates a cool, more energizing effect. The majority of Philips LED lighting products provides 2700 Kelvin, which is soft white light.

Try the color slider below to learn more about color temperature, or have a look at our Wiki guide on color temperature.




  • Warm Glow
  • Soft White
  • Bright White
  • Daylight
  • Cool White

Need to replace a bulb? Pick the color temperature that works for you

When you want to create a cozy, secure and relaxing home atmosphere, look for a fixture or bulb with a color temperature of 2700K. 

To learn more, watch the video at right, or have a look at the Wiki guide on color temperature.